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Interview Skills Workshop in Maynooth University.

By AlanMooney, Wednesday, 6th February 2019 | 0 comments
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Our Group Manager Damien Kehir and Business Development Manager. Sarah Louise Gallagher were guest speakers recently at an Interview Skills Workshop at Maynooth University.

WG Reach were delighted to attend Interview Skills Workshop organised by the Department of Law & School of Business on February 6th.

Our presentation focused on the whole interview process from the very start to the finish to ensure students gave themselves the maximum opportunity to secure the roles they wanted most.

This started with ensuring they knew what was on their own Social Media Accounts through to CV preparation to Interview Preparation and the interview itself.  (See below)

Apart from hoping to help some of the 50 or so final year students that attended we also learned a lot particularly from the talk given by the Head of Career Development in the College, Brendan Baker.

We’d particularly like to thank Dr. Louise Kennefick in the Department of Law for hosting the event and for her kind hospitality at the event.

We look forward to attending many more such events in Maynooth University and continuing our partnership with the University.


Interview Preparation

Starts with your Social Media – Know what is on your Facebook, LinkedIn Accounts etc. Check it yourself before someone else does.


Prepare your CV properly – Professional looking, Consistent Fonts, Most Recent/Relevant experience first – Concise Introduction – cut out irrelevant information – Leaving Certificate results?? Tailor your CV according to the job you’re applying for. Don’t lie!!

  • A good CV should be 2 to 3 pages.


Research the company – no excuse not to fully research companies that you’re interviewing with. Website. Personal Contacts. Can you find out anything about the Culture? Do you know anyone already working in the company? Glassdoor, YouTube, Twitter Accounts etc


Small Details are often the most important – where exactly is it? Is there parking? How far from Bus/Luas stop? Being 10 minutes early for an interview rather than 5 minutes late


Dress to Impress – Rule of thumb – Err on the side of caution.  Smart Business attire unless specifically advised not to.


Preparing for the interview – Always give 100% at the interview. Don’t come across as half interested. Even for interviews where you are not sure if its really what you want. You can always decline an offer or even respectfully withdraw from the process afterwards.


Understand the Job – Fully understand the role you’re going for and from that you will have good questions to ask.


At the interview – The majority of interviews are competency-based interviews, Familiarise yourself with the STAR methodology. Keep your answers to the point – avoid wandering off on tangents. Be professional always but be friendly and affable as well. Less than 10% of communication is verbal – Poise, Posture, Eye Contact, Firm Hand Shake.


Show both sides of your personality – Interviewers are normal people too. Team fit, and culture are very important.  Personality is usually the most important factor. Will this person fit in.


Interviews are a 2 Way Process – Ask questions about the role, the career opportunities/prospects – don’t ask about money at this stage


Finishing the interview – Always thank the interviewers and ask what the next stage will be. The interview doesn’t finish until you walk out the door.


  • Know Yourself
  • Know the Company                                              
  • Know the Job

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